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Enjoying a high quality cocktail turns into a fascinating journey of discovery of new emotions, where our senses are delighted and masterfully awakened.


For us, tasting a fine blend represents an authentic and multi-sensory experience, an art to be appreciated in every sip.

Aesthetics and Art:

The Enchanting Presentation

Never forget that the visual aspect of a cocktail is a key part of the tasting. This is the moment when the eyes delight even before the palate:

  • The Glass and the Rim: Look carefully at the glass, its design and the shape of the rim. A suitable glass can amplify the experience. A rim decorated with sugar or salt can provide an interesting contrasting touch.

  • Decorations and Garnish: Explore decorations and garnish. Fresh citrus, herbs, and creative garnishes add not only an aesthetic touch but also new nuances of flavor and aroma to the cocktail.


Aroma ed Essence:
The Art of Olfactory

Tasting a cocktail begins with the sense of smell, a sense that can anticipate and prepare the palate for the taste experience. Here's how to explore the aroma and essence of a cocktail:

  • Different Olfactory Notes: Close your eyes and deeply inspire the aroma wafting from the glass. You will detect a variety of olfactory notes, which may be fruity, floral, spicy or herbaceous. Try to identify them one by one, immersing yourself in the sensory atmosphere of the cocktail.

  • Olfactory Structure: Notice whether the aroma is balanced or whether one note dominates the others. A good cocktail should have a complex olfactory structure, with different nuances blending into a pleasing harmony.

Taste and Texture:

The Delicate Exploration of the Palate

After enjoying the aroma, move on to the actual tasting phase, in which the palate is involved in a dance of flavors and textures:

  • First Sip: Take a small sip of the cocktail and let it flow gently over your tongue. Feel the initial taste: is it sweet, bitter, spicy or surprisingly balanced? Savor the initial impact.

  • Taste Evolution: Keep sipping slowly and notice how the taste develops over time. Some cocktails reveal surprising complexity, with notes gradually emerging and combining synergistically.

  • Texture and Body: Consider the texture of the cocktail. Is it light and refreshing like a summer breeze or heavier and creamier with a velvety touch? Texture can vary greatly, adding depth to the experience.


Cocktail tasting is an art that engages all the senses. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of unique and extraordinary sensory experiences. Every cocktail has a story to tell, and tasting is the perfect way to listen closely. Hone your tasting skills and allow your senses to guide you through a journey of discovery into the tastes and aromas of cocktails.

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