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Enjoying a high quality cocktail turns into a fascinating journey of discovery of new emotions, where our senses are delighted and awakened with mastery.


For us, tasting a fine blend represents an authentic and multi-sensory experience, an art to be appreciated in every sip.


Our selection of cocktails represents years of careful research and selection, employing spirits of excellence that masterfully elevate each taste and capture the art of cocktails in every sip.


Ethan's American Bar brings the experience of its exceptional cocktails directly to your event with top-notch catering service. Now, you can enjoy the extraordinary multi-sensory experience of our cocktails during your special occasion as well.

Explore our exclusive selection of products, masterfully produced by skilled artisans who, with experience and passion, elevate aromas and flavors into true works of art.


Each drop embodies an extraordinary experience, guiding your senses on a journey of pure harmony and delight.

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